‘Fortune Favours the Dead’- Review

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 star review 

‘Fortune Favours the Dead’ is the first in a new series of novels centred around the crime solving duo, Lillian Pentecost and Willowjean Parker in New York, 1946.

This tells the tale of Abigail Collins, murdered on Halloween night and it’s upto Pentecost and Parker to find out who went to lengths to kill the woman well known for her wealth.

They soon find out they Alison had a seance on the night she died that was performed by a fortune teller and it was her crystal ball that was then used to kill her.  But was it the fortune teller?  Is her murder also connected to the death of her husband?

The story follows Willowjean from leaving the circus to becoming one half of the investigative duo to solving the mystery of what happened to Alison.

It also shows the trails and tribulations of been in an age when women are fighting for their rights.

I love reading about the two main characters and how they differ from each other.  I loved reading as they go on their journey to discover the death of Abigail Collins.  It was great to read about two strong female protagonists and learn all about their background.

There’s a bit of everything for everyone in the story.  There’s action, mystery, humour and a bit of romance.

It had me gripped from start to finish and is a real page turner.  The story slowly unraveled itself as I went from page to page.

This gives good promise as to what is get to come from what looks set to be a fabulous crimes series and I can’t wait to read more about the crime solving duo.

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