‘The Cottingley Cuckoo’- Book Review

Rose works in a care home and dreams of getting away. When one of the residents show her letters by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the Cottingley Fairies, she finds herself drawn in by his words. She starts to wonder if the fairies are actually real to the point where they begin to take over her life.

Feeling trapped and alone, she soon starts seeing strange things going on fuelling her belief and starts to doubt everyone and everything around her.

When her baby is born, she was sure that her baby was another and believes the fairies have taken her.

But is she really suffering from Post-Natal depression or had fairies really taken her baby?

The book is largely centred around Arthur Conan Doyle and his letters on the Cottingley Fairies that filter in and out of the story as she gets to read them.

The Cottingley Fairies were actually a series of photos taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths when they were both at a young age and was living in the area. Sir Authur Conan Doyle actually used them for an article he was writing on fairies a few years later. 

It’s a dark and sinister read that gets more menacing as you go along. I was gripped as each page went on and the tension mounted.

‘The Cottingley Cuckoo’ reads like books of old and is so beautifully described. It’s an enchanting and fascinating read with themes of loneliness, post-natal depression and that feeling of being trapped.

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