The Metal Heart- Book Review

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Taking place during World War Two, sisters Constance and Dorothy are sent five hundred Italian prisoners to fortify the island, Orkney and protect them from the dangers of the sea.

But the villagers are worried about what the fortifications may do to the fishing island and about those who would be soon fortifying it. 

All the villagers are sceptical of the prisoners apart from Dot who finds herself soon falling for Cesare, a prisoner and artist who has been troubled by the war after saving his life. What begins there is a love story of two starcrossed lovers pulled together in troubling times.

But can the prisoners be trusted though? 

The author does a fabulous job of creating the characters in this story and transforming us back to the 1940s. She also does a wonderful job of describing the island and it seems like such a beautiful place to live in or even visit.

Visually stunning, atmospheric, and beautifully described. I could actually feel myself as if I was there on the island with them.

The story bounces between Dot, Cesare, Constance, the Orcadians who are the townsfolk giving a real feel for and an insight into the characters. 

Full of tense moments, ‘The Metal Heart’ has me gripped all the way to the end with all the challenges and hardships dealt as well as the twists and turns that come along the way.

The book is based off real events and partly centred around the Italian Chapel in Lamb Holm which was built by the Italian prisoners during the war.

‘The Metal Heart’ has a bit of everything that you can perhaps expect from a story taking place during World War Two. It’s such a beautiful book inside and out and if you’re after a historical fiction, this is one to check out. 

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