The Rabbit Queen- Book Review

In the town of Godalming, Nicholas Fox’s Exhibition of Medical Curiosities rolls into town, when surgeon, John Howard goes to watch the exhibition, he has doubts over it’s authenticity and of each of the subjects in the exhibition.

John finds himself soon believing in the strange again when Mary Toft gives birth in front of him to a dead and dismembered rabbit and John is drawn into trying to solve her case. But no one knows why it’s happening, not even the top surgeons. Everyone is baffled as to how a woman is giving birth to a dead rabbit and what the cause is.

But soon, she starts giving birth to more than one rabbit.

‘The Rabbit Queen’ is loosely based off the story of Mary Toft who tricked doctors into believing that she had given birth to rabbits in the 1700’s.

This story is told through the eyes of Zachary, age 14, apprentice of John Howard who came to him after an abscess behind the tonsil causes a series of problems.

‘The Rabbit Queen’ deals with many different themes including greed and what greed can do to one person. 

This is a brilliant, well-written read. If you like the weird and wonderful, this is one you should definitely check out.

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