‘Another Life’ by Jodie Chapman- Book Review

Nick meets Anna at work one day and what soon begins is a series of events between the two. Anna and Nick seem like they have a long lasting love as they both share a love for music and poetry. However, they both come from completely different backgrounds. Anna is a Jehovah’s Witness and findsContinue reading “‘Another Life’ by Jodie Chapman- Book Review”

‘A History of What Comes Next’- Book Review

In this story, we follow Mia from 1945 to 1961 as she heads to Germany, sent by the OSS to help create rockets and find Wernher van Braun, a rocket scientist. It’s her job to extract those who can create rockets from Germany and bring them over to America. But is Mia what she seems? Continue reading “‘A History of What Comes Next’- Book Review”

‘The Split’ – Book Review

We follow Ally in ‘The Split’ after a break up from a serious relationship that spans seven years. Shortly after the breakup, she leaves town and heads back to her home town, taking their cat with her. The story goes through Ally’s journey as she tries to fashion a new life for herself away fromContinue reading “‘The Split’ – Book Review”

‘The Last House on Needless Street’- Book Review

Ted lives in the last house on Needless Street alone but with an occasional visit from his daughter, Lauren. When his daughter comes for a visit one day, she goes missing. Did the young woman, Dee who just moved in next door take her? But Dee believes Ted is actually responsible for her little sister’sContinue reading “‘The Last House on Needless Street’- Book Review”

‘The Shadow in the Glass’- Book Review

Spoilers Ahead. In this dark Cinderella retelling, we question our morals as to how far would one person go for their sake of their happiness? Ella finds herself taken in by the Pembrokes when her parents sadly die. Everything seems great but she is soon forced into a life as a maid by her stepfatherContinue reading “‘The Shadow in the Glass’- Book Review”

‘Dangerous Women’- Book Review

It’s my turn on the book tour today! Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for having me on this tour and authorising me this e-book! Based off the true story about the Rajah where over one hundred female convicts from across England went on board the ship on a journey to Australia in 1841.  Many ofContinue reading “‘Dangerous Women’- Book Review”

‘Here Comes the Miracle’- Book Review

‘Here Comes the Miracle’ by Anna Beecher tells the story of Joe, a miracle baby.  Joe was born prematurely but manages to survive and pulls through. This is the story of how he grew up and of his path to finding love.  ‘Here Comes the Miracle’ also tells the story of Edward, Joe’s grandfather, whoContinue reading “‘Here Comes the Miracle’- Book Review”

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