Book Tour Review- The Wildest Hunt

‘The Wildest Hunt’ begins when the main character’s car breaks down, searching for they find themselves at a castle, clouded in mystery. Instead of finding help, they find themselves on a dangerous path and on the run from a creature out to get them, the banshee. This isn’t a normal monster horror story though. TheContinue reading “Book Tour Review- The Wildest Hunt”

Book Tour Review- King of Battle and Blood

‘King of Battle and Blood’ tells the story of Adrian and Isolde. When Isolde’s father makes a deal with the Blood King in order to stop the ongoing war between their people, Isolde finds herself marrying him in order to protect her people. Placed as the Queen of the Vampires, it’s upto her to nowContinue reading “Book Tour Review- King of Battle and Blood”

Book Review- The Girl in the Maze.

Some spoilers ahead What can I say about this book? I can not begin to tell you how much I loved this book! From the moment the book started I was completely riveted. The book goes from the past, beginning in 1937 where we are introduced to Betty who soon gives birth to Margaret allContinue reading “Book Review- The Girl in the Maze.”

Book Review – The Christmas Murder Game

It’s Christmas Eve and Lily receives a letter from her aunt. She finds out that she is in the running to inherit her aunt’s Manor House but in order to get the house she must take part in her aunt’s annual Christmas game and one last hunt. Not only that but the truth will beContinue reading “Book Review – The Christmas Murder Game”

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