Hi! My name is Jennifer, I live in Nottingham and I have a huge passion for all things books!

In my recent role as Office Administrator for Cineworld Cinema Nottingham, I have managed the site’s Facebook account where I created posts promoting films, campaigned new releases and events, promoted company product, held competitions and supported Children in Need. I have had experience in marketing and project management.

I also previously volunteered at The Society of Young Publishers North for two years where I publicised upcoming job vacancies as well as book/publishing events on Facebook. I also created newsletters to send out to publishing hopefuls on a monthly basis using Mailchimp. I also recently founded ‘The Aspiring Publisher’s Over 25 Group’ which you can find here on: Facebook and LinkedIn.

I currently volunteer with The Publishing Post where I help publicise upcoming job vacancies for their bi-weekly newsletter and create images for the website using Canva.  I also have my own Bookstagram where I write book reviews and have just recently started a voluntary position as Marketing Analyst and PR Officer with Smashbear Publishing where I run book tours and help create images for social media.

Cineworld Cinema Nottingham



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